Patchington- How to Dress if you have an Inverted Triangle Shape

If you’re an inverted triangle, you have a generally athletic and strong body type. The broadest parts of your body are your shoulders and chest whereas your torso and waist are tighter. Celebrities that are also inverted triangles are tennis star Serena Williams and actress Hilary Swank.
 Although your legs are typically well sculpted, you don’t want to always wear skinny, slim-fitted pants. In fact, a wider leg pants will help balance out your lower body to your uppercowl-neck body.

Tops an Inverted Triangle should wear:

  • Cowl necks and deep v-necks help minimize a stronger upper body 
  • Simple, fuss-free shirts and flutter sleeves help add movement and softness to a hard upper body


Bottoms an Inverted Triangle should wear:

  • Full bodied pants and skirts will amplify your lower half to match the fullness of your upper body. 
  • Longer skirts will help create balance. This is one case where making your body half look bigger is a good thing – that way it will look in proportion to your upper body.

Fabrics and colors an Inverted Trianglesf-cuff-brac should wear: 

  • Sport embellished, detail shoes to draw the attention down. 
  • Jewelry near your face should be minimal. Instead get creative with bangles and rings. 
  • Light colors and prints should be worn below the belt, with darker colors and prints on top.


So for all of our triangle and inverted triangle body shapes out there, with these helpful tips and tricks you will be able to flaunt all the hottest fashions while looking cool, confident and completely well versed in your body. Keep reading as we address other body shapes and how to dress them throughout the month!

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