Learn How to Dress for Your Body Type with Patchington

Every woman shares the challenge of dressing to best accentuate her individual body shape. We can all easily identify the areas of our body that are more difficult to fit or flatter, however, if we can address those concerns quickly and open-mindedly, we can easily move to the flattering and encouraging parts of our body and how to accentuate those.

A common misconception is that women of certain heights and sizes can’t wear certain trends in clothing. News flash, ladies – you can wear anything! – as long as the items are balanced correctly. For instance, we can all wear longer tops in a variety of lengths and fullness.

I’ll give you a little insight: weight distribution is the key for any body shape – even if your weight is evenly distributed all over. Triangle and circle shapes have weight distribution in the lower body, whereas inverted triangle shapes have more weight distributed in the upper body. Rectangle and hourglass figures have more even weight distribution.

In our next few blog posts, we’re going to identify different body shapes in order for you to determine which one you are. We’ll also address different ways you can dress for your body shape without sacrificing style. Keep checking back, and I promise you’ll learn something new – including how versatile our Patchington fashions can be. You won’t want to miss this!

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