Fall Color Palette Trend: Cobalt Blue!

Designers are adding a splash of bold color to this fall’s palette with cobalt blue. This striking blue stands out against the typical neutral and jewel colors of fall. Universally flattering, cobalt blue is the perfect accent color, making it a great shade for both apparel and accessories.

This fall, there is no need to bid farewell to traditionally summer neons and pastels because bright cobalt blue is sticking around. Standing out boldly against classic warm fall season colors, cobalt blue is a striking pop of unexpected color.

The deep saturated hue of cobalt blue is recognizable in both small and large doses. Play it subtle with sparkling blue earrings, or make a statement in a comfy cobalt sweater. Although blue is traditionally a cool color, this hue burns with brightness and warmth.

At Patchington, we are a part of the cobalt cult this fall and are singing the blues with popular apparel items, such as the Clara Sunwoo Royal Knit Long Duster, “Sheerly” Blue 3/4 Sleeve 1 Button Sheer Top, Blue and Black Heidi Print 1/2 Sleeve Tunic, Royal Blue Crush Graduated Cha Cha Dress and many more!

What are you waiting for? Shop for your fall cobalt show stopping pieces today and remember at Patchington…it’s all about you!

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